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Infusion- Cellular Renewal Therapy

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Stabilized Bio-available active oxygen O4 is known to easily enter and be readily absorbed by the bloodstream, helping restore & encourage optimal health. Stabilized bio-available active oxygen is known to support the renewal of cells by helping nutrients to be assimilated and used by the body to neutralize & remove toxic “bad actors” that may cause dis-ease.

Oxygen is critical for core body, brain, muscle & cellular function, and many other benefits.

● Optimizes blood oxygen levels. Tissues with low oxygen levels may be a root cause of dis-ease.

● Aids in muscle recovery

● Enhance immune function

● Eliminate unwanted toxins

● Increase mental clarity

● Increase energy levels

I am Oxygen is all natural, non-toxic, vegan, chemical free, & made in the USA. Its bioavailability makes it the best liquid oxygen on the market today. Its effectiveness has been proven for the people it has served.

Unlike other oxygen supplements that use either hydrogen peroxide or chlorine-bound oxygen molecules, I am Oxygen is a completely all-natural product and delivers the highest concentration of bio-available oxygen. has a 2 year shelf life, packed with 350,000 ppm

Concentrated oxygen.

How to Use: Add 2ml to 1ounce of water or place under the tongue 2 to 3 times per day. If

Chronic, 2ml up to 5x a day.

Ingredients: Dissolved stabilized bioavailable oxygen, sodium chloride (atlantic sea salt),

Distilled water

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  • LYN P

    Lyn P

    Higher Blood Oxygen in Minutes

    I love this product. I test my oxygen levels with a finger OXYMETER and it gives me 3-4 points within minutes! This product is amazing if you need a higher blood oxygen levels!

    October 30, 2022
    Verified Review
  • jzeemer


    Higher blood oxygen for this smoker :)

    Being a smoker (I know:/) adding this to my water a few times a day helps raise my blood oxygen levels so my body can continue to have healthy levels of Oxygen. I feel increased energy and find that I can breathe easier! Smokers! of any kind;) you have to add this to your daily routine! no joke makes total sense and I know to me it is helping to repair the damage I have done to myself! Ugh! I use all of their products, love love love!

    September 23, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Amy Campbell Titmus

    Kids bring home germs, now I don't fear!

    I use the nasal hygiene daily but when me and my family got sick, we kept this close and used it all throughout the day. I especially had A lot of congestion in my sinuses and chest, and it seemed to clear up sooner that I expected. Helped my sore throat and cleared out my sinuses. Someone usually ends of on antibiotics when we all get sick, but we all used the water this time and no one needed antibiotics!! Also works great for cankers. It’s now my go to for any sort of infection. Love love love this miracle water!

    August 25, 2022
    Verified Review
  • LYN P

    Sherry Carter

    Amazing Immune support

    I started down the road when the pandemic hit researching active oxygen therapies & immune response .  From ozone-inferred saunas to oxygen waters-PEMF therapies.  I decided to take control of my own health and to learn everything I could about “unconventional medicine”.  I choose this product and stayed away from hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide because they could be potentially caustic if taken improperly.  I needed something strong, effective & 100% natural/ PH balanced.  Honestly, I haven’t looked back.  I have never felt better.  I test my blood oxygen levels daily and learning that this is a key indicator for a healthy immune system I am always pleased to see my numbers increase!  I LOVE self evident products, they are SOOOO rare these days!   

    August 5, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Goldstar1949


    Skin Renewed

    I have skin tags burned off several times a year. I use this product immediately after treatment and the burn goes away immediately! I use it several times a day until healed. The healing time is cut in half! My go to product when getting any kind of spa or skin treatments!

    August 2, 2022
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Added minerals to my drinking water

    I use this product to increase my blood oxygen and mineral intake.  It’s my go to. 

    July 16, 2022
    Verified Review
  • prpedersen


    Higher Blood Oxygen & Energy

    Product is amazing. I suffer from low oxygen levels in my blood. My numbers run normally around 92 using my oximeter to measure. This product can raise my numbers to 97 or 98 within minutes of using.

    April 20, 2022
    Verified Review

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