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Medical Studies Around Oxygen

“Oxygen Therapies”- The Virus Destroyers

by Ed McCabe author of self published book “Oxygen Therapies”

If you decide to start along the happy oxygen trail, remember these facts:
According to the sum of my thousands of interviews with successful oxygen therapies using
people all over the world, all those who succeeded first studied and understood the philosophy
and use of the therapies fully, and then they applied the therapies correctly, continually, gently,
and long term.

There exists a little known yet very simple way to treat almost all diseases. It’s so simple it
befuddles the great minds. Unlike our healthy human cells that love oxygen, most of the
primitive bacteria and viruses, including HIV and others found in cancer, AIDS, Ebola, flesh
eating bacteria, chronic fatigue, tuberculosis, arthritis, and a long list of other diseases are like
most lower life from viruses and bacteria that can’t stand oxygen.
Bacteria and viruses are almost all anaerobic. “Anaerobic” means these microbes cannot live in
What would happen to the primitive anaerobic viruses and bacteria that cause disease if they
were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time?
What if enough of this special form of oxygen (O2), or its higher medical grade form called
“ozone” (O3), were to be slowly and harmlessly introduced directly into the body day after day,
every day, over the course of several months, by high concentration methods that usually
bypass the lungs, and yet saturate every body cell with oxygen?
All the disease-related, or disease-causing, bugs and microbes that can’t live in oxygen also
can’t live in oxygen saturated body tissues and fluids. See how simple it is?
It’s amazing you were never told this.
What would happen to any HIV in your body if it was caused to be continually surrounded with
oxygen, or its higher form, ozone? See the October 11, 1991 issue of The Journal of the
American Society of Hematology, “Inactivation of HIV type 1 by Ozone in vitro” (page 1881):
“Ozone, a higher form of oxygen, inactivates the HIV virus 97-100 per-cent of the time, and is
harmless to normal cells, when used correctly.”
What currently over-hyped and over-prescribed AIDS drug can make any-where near these
claims for effectiveness and safety?
I just got off the phone with another of the long list of AIDS sufferers who have unsuccessfully
gone the route of toxic drugs, and has ended washed up at the door to ozone. Typically, his
liver had been destroyed before he arrived. Now he is willing to look at alternatives (if they
would only look sooner) but, unfortunately, denial, and letting someone else be responsible for
your own personal well being, is strongly ingrained in our society.
Ozone is unknown in this country by you or your doctor due to the influence the drug
companies wield over our healthcare system and the media. They are not your friend. Ozone is.
In the Greek ozone translates into “the Breath of God.” Millions of dosages of ozone have been
given in Europe by thousands of doctors over the past fifty years with complete safety. Why
isn’t its use taught in medical schools here in the United States?
All fifty or so oxygen therapies have the same method of action. The point in oxygen therapies
is always to slowly and increasingly flood the body with Nature’s single oxygen atoms. Singlet

oxygen and its by-products are very energetic oxidizers—they “burn up” or oxidize disease-
causing waste products, toxins and other pollution, and send them out of the body.

Unless your body rids itself of toxins at 100 percent efficiency, some waste is left behind, still in
the body. Over time it accumulates within you, setting the stage for diseases to occur as the
inner pollution accumulates. This is why you get more and more diseases as you get older. This
is the cause of virtually all disease. It is very important. Remember this as the viral plagues get

worse, and the air becomes less and less able to sustain us. Your body no longer naturally has
or gets enough clean energetic oxygen. Your body can no longer take out the trash that causes
As an example of how dirty we have become internally, I have witnessed hundreds of AIDS,
cancer, arthritis, and other patients getting oxygen/ozone therapy. When they start out their
blood is filthy, diseased, and so empty of oxygen that it is almost BLACK. Put the medical
oxygen/ozone in them daily, and after a few weeks of oxidizing/oxygenating detoxification their
blood starts to turn a bright cherry RED, clean and full of LIFE.
Oxygen atoms also burn up germs (microbes) which can’t protect themselves against its
oxidizing powers. Unlike evolved and specialized normal human cells, germs, microbes, and all
parasites are primitive lower life forms. Normal body cells protect themselves from the burning
up or oxidizing effects of oxygen by naturally producing and using their own protective
antioxidant coatings.
Our normal cells surround them-selves with this insulating and protective coating that primitive
disease-related bugs, germs, and even cancer cells do not have. Seeking out any-thing that is
not a normal healthy human cell to oxidize, oxygen is a natural hunter, the killer enemy of
bacteria and viruses and also dead, dying, deformed, or diseased cells like those found in
Naturally, oxygen therapies are best used as supplemental maintenance dose-type
preventatives. By keeping the oxygen level high in our body fluids, we keep the anaerobic
diseases from ever being able to establish themselves. If they can’t live in oxygen, they won’t
live in highly oxygenated clean tissues. If one uses these therapies correctly and long term,
one’s internal fluids would be oxygen rich. Most oxygenated people I know personally don’t
even catch colds anymore.
When oxygen therapies are employed as a method of putting the patient back on the road to
health, they have completely proven themselves, according to the thousands of interviews I
have conducted with the actual users of these therapies. In addition, the world’s medical
literature is replete with the proof of oxygen/ozone therapies’ being both inexpensive and
highly effective, and they have been proven very safe and natural when used as directed. For
further documentation, including over 100 medical references, please contact The Family
News in Miami, telephone (305) 759-9500.
The human body is 66 percent water. We are internally permeated with fluids, and our organs

are mostly water and float in our internal sea. In medicine, oxygen/ozone gas is slowly micro-
bubbled into your personal interior body fluids to purify them by a variety of methods.

The methods are simple. In the simplest physician applied method, doctors slowly inject
specific quantities and concentrations of ozone into the blood, always while the patient lies
prone. In “autohemotherapy” some blood is taken out, ozonated, and returned to the body. The
Germans prefer this method, but I find it to be inefficient, costly, and slow when compared to
the newer methods, which are also perfectly safe when used correctly.
These newer recirculatory methods are my favorites, and according to all the interviews I have
done, the most effective. Using them, the diseased patient blood is continuously circulated into
ozone filled chambers and the leftover sludge of oxidized dead pathogens and toxins is filtered
out. All this happens outside the body, and then the fresh cherry red blood is returned into the
body in real time and continuously, as in the Medizone Inc., or Polyatomic Apheresis Ltd.
proprietary systems. Proceeding this way, where most of the action happens outside the body
is best.

That way the body organs, like the liver, do not also have to shoulder the added bur-den of
detoxifying the system, especially since the usual prescribed toxic drugs have already
weakened or seriously damaged the body organs. Unfortunately, these new recirculatory
methods are expensive, and only available outside the U.S. at the present time.
At home, many of the successful AIDS patients that I have interviewed report that their doctors
direct them to combine injection, sauna bagging, and rectal insufflation. Most people buy
correctly assembled and certified cold plasma type ozone generators (never using ultraviolet
bulb generators which have little strength) and hook them up to tanked pure medical oxygen as
the input gas and produce their own 27 to 42 micrograms per cubic milliliter concentrations of
pure oxygen/ozone gas locally.
They buy the equivalent of European medical grade ozone generators in the U.S.
“underground” because the FDA won’t approve them, due again, to drug company
suppression politics. These people put specific qualities and quantities of pure oxygen/ozone
into their bodily openings, or soak most or parts of their body in a bag filled with the gas—
never breathing the high concentrations of ozone, since our lungs detoxify too fast and get
edema—the lung cells protectively swell up, if exposed to “too high” concentrations of ozone,
meaning anything above the level that’s found in nature.
Then they use this humidified gas to give themselves ozone via “rectal insufflation,” where the
ozone/oxygen gas is introduced at specific concentrations, durations, pressures, and volumes
into the empty colon which transfers the ozone/oxygen into the blood. Then there’s the “ozone
sauna bagging” method, which saturates the capillaries in the skin, or they have a competently
trained person slowly inject them, again at specific concentrations and volumes. For safety, any
such very slow injections must always be done while the patient is lying prone before, during,
and after.
Some bathe in or drink very dilute solutions of food grade hydrogen peroxide (which breaks
down into water and releases oxygen in the blood), or any of the new oxygenated liquids and
powders. Each method has specific concentrations, volumes, durations and cautions, so work
with a competently trained oxygen therapist to be safe. My books, tapes and videos explain all
this in more detail.
Over the past eight years I have seen many, many people rid their bodies of infections and
other problems from being on oxygen therapies or ozone therapies, but they stuck to a full
protocol—getting it daily, usually IV, in the right dosage, and the right concentrations, and
combining it with other significant oxygen based modalities, proper diet, antioxidants, colloidal
minerals, and enzymes.
People who have only “dabbled” in it, or those who have never really tried it, end up being the
very few who are negative about it. Even with such people around, by now the term I coined
—”Oxygen Therapies”—also my first book title, is a household word among the well informed,
and thousands of health advocates now use the therapies themselves and even promote them.
There must be something to what I have been teaching.
If you decide to start along the happy oxygen trail, remember these facts:
According to the sum of my thousands of interviews with successful oxygen therapies using
people all over the world, all those who succeeded first studied and understood the philosophy
and use of the therapies fully, and then they applied the therapies correctly, continually, gently,
and long term.

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