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Want to give your skin the royal treatment every day? I AM OXYGEN’s new facial spray gives you the bioavailable stabilized oxygen you need to look fabulous even after a CO2 treatment! Visit the company’s online store to get one today!

Your skin is tough, but also quite vulnerable.

You should have course expect nothing less from the largest organ in your body, which as it happens, is also your most exposed organ!

Thankfully, I AM OXYGEN has just the product to help you keep your skin in pristine condition on any good day, or when you need to reduce the painful sensations from your recent CO2 procedure.

Currently available on its online store, the company’s new product has proven helpful in providing pain relief especially if you have recently undergone aggressive skin resurfacing treatments at a medical spa.

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Based on over 30 years of development and research, I AM OXYGEN’s Rejuvenator spray can be used as a toner or daily facial. Its formula acts as a stimulant for cell regeneration, leading to a faster growth rate of healthy cells. The product is particularly effective in reducing pain after laser treatments.

CO2 treatments are aggressive laser-based skin resurfacing procedures carried out to improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkling, and increase dermal collagen among other applications. Post-op side effects often include itchiness, redness, burning sensations, and swelling, which can be reduced with home remedies or special skin hydration formulas.

By contrast, oxygen offers a wide range of benefits.

“Oxygen is the key element for our bodies healing power – cells with low oxygen can not survive,” explained a company spokesperson. “This means dewy, glowing, firm, and radiant skin, all from boosting your body’s natural processes. The fact that oxygen also speeds the healing of wounds indicates that, when applied to the skin, it may actually help your skin cells repair and regenerate, especially since anaerobic bacteria cannot tolerate it.”

Rejuvenator skin cell therapy is made from cruelty-free ingredients that are pH-balanced, non-toxic, and engineered to deliver bio-available oxygen and trace minerals to the skin. The product can be used at multiple points of the day in order to speed up the skin’s healing processes or reduce irritations and inflammations from laser treatments. Other health benefits for the skin include improving cellular metabolism, accelerating the healing processes, reducing skin irritations, and producing an anti-inflammatory effect. Oxygen also has an antibacterial effect due to its ability to release reactive oxygen species (ROS), compounds that are extremely toxic as they degrade cellular membranes and cause death of the pathogenic microorganism.

If you have sensitive skin, no need to fear! Rejuvenator was developed with consideration for skin sensitivity and contains natural components that reduce irritation, swelling, and burning sensations.

Each bottle contains 1,000 sprays and 350,000 ppm of pure stabilized active oxygen, with a shelf life of 2 years.

About the Company

I AM OXYGEN is a US-based natural products company that develops environmentally friendly, pH-balanced formulas for skin cell therapy and nasal hygiene.

Your skin needs the very best, and nothing says “I love my skin” better than a cabinet full of I AM OXYGEN’s Rejuvenator Skin Care Therapy. If you’ve been convinced so far (of course you are), just visit the company’s website and complete your first order!

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