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As seen on The Science Buzz October 5, 2022

Natural Nose Spray With Bio-Oxidative Oxygen To Help Prevent Nasal Infections

Are you ready to harness the all-natural power of oxygen to boost your immune system and reduce nasal congestion? I Am Oxygen’s Defender spray is your secret weapon this winter!

If you struggle with nasal congestion and other sinus issues but dislike using chemical nose sprays that just mask symptoms, liquid stabilized active oxygen is the solution you need. I AM OXYGEN Defender nasal hygiene therapy nose spray provides instant hydration for your nasal passageways to promote healing, reduce inflammation and boost your immunity.

I AM OXYGEN has released an all-natural product that uses stabilized active oxygen in order to moisturize your dry mucous membranes and reduce the adhesion of the bad actors that can cause hay fever, rhinitis, sinusitis, or blocked nose. It is well known, that many pathogens enter into the nasal cavity and replicate there, causing sickness.

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With over 20% of air consisting of oxygen and 10% of your body’s oxygen used by the epidermis coming from this air, it is, therefore, no surprise that it also has several health benefits. This includes the natural antibacterial attributes that oxygen can provide for your nasal hygiene. I Am Oxygen’s Defender nose spray offers you an easy-to-use solution for incorporating oxygen into your daily health routines.

A concentrated liquid stabilized active oxygen product, the company’s Defender nasal spray provides an all-natural and non-toxic alternative for cleaning and hydrating your airways. Consisting of distilled water, dissolved stabilized bioavailable oxygen, and Atlantic sea salt, the chemical-free spray is also non-addictive, PH balanced, vegan and cruelty free.

The antibacterial effects of I AM OXYGEN spray come from the reactive oxygen species compounds that are released by the product’s oxygen content, 350,000 ppm. Active oxygen is known to help degrade pathogenic microorganisms that cause issues such as allergies, sinus congestion, and nasal irritations. The product does NOT contain other active oxygen compounds like hydrogen peroxide, for this chemical could be potentially caustic or toxic if not taken properly.

Each spray bottle contains 60ml, which equates to approximately 500 sprays from its in-built nozzle. Furthermore, as a portable product, the spray is ideal if you travel or find yourself in crowded locations and wish to limit the risk of catching an infection from those around you.

I AM OXYGEN range of oxygen products also includes an Infusion Cellular Renewal Therapy liquid for optimizing your blood oxygen levels (you can prove this to yourself with an oximeter) They also have a Rejuvenator Skin Cell Therapy item that promotes the repair and restoration of your skin’s elasticity, and offers instant relief from any skin abrasion. The company has a 100% happiness guarantee, no questions asked. That is how certain they are that once you try the products you will never be without them. I AM OXYGEN uses the power of nature harnessed and advanced with technology.

A satisfied user of the Defender spray said, “I started using this product 3 times a day 2 years ago and I haven’t had so much as a common cold, even though those around me were sick. I have used other saline solutions to keep my nose clean, but this product takes my health to a new level.”

Breath free and clear this winter with an all-natural oxygen nasal hygiene therapy nose spray!

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