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PH-Balancing Liquid Oxygen Tames Allergies & Promotes Healthy Immune System

Feeling under the weather? Have a cold that just won’t go away? Try stabilized active oxygen from I AM OXYGEN! This simple yet effective therapy improves nasal hygiene swiftly and may limit adhesion of “bad actors” from your airways.

Our bodies need oxygen to function. When we get sick, our tissues need more oxygen to survive, but diseases often cause oxygen levels to drop, making it harder for us to recover. You can potentially flush out harmful waste and toxins when your nasal passages are purified.

I AM OXYGEN offers you a 100% natural, concentrated stabilized active oxygen defender nose spray. The non-toxic product moisturizes nasal passages and helps reduce inflammation.

The company’s bio-available liquid oxygen nasal therapy offers therapeutic benefits to sinus swelling and congestion. Regular and proper use can also flush out histamines that are released during an allergic reaction.

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The nasal spray can boost immunity with the purifying effects of stabilized active oxygen. It is known that, anaerobic materials (such as those that could cause disease) cannot survive in a highly oxygenated environment. Aware of this, the company has designed its oxygen nasal spray to help increase the oxygen within the nose to assist in what it needs to help get rid of harmful invaders, and flush them out in seconds.

Each 60ml bottle is good for around 500 sprays. Because it is completely natural and pH-balanced, the Defender nasal hygiene therapy nose spray can be used by the whole family!

Its non-addictive formula can improve nasal hygiene – an additional boost of oxygen can kill off excess bacteria and may make you recover faster. Wash your hands, brush your teeth, clean your nose!

New research suggests that home oxygen therapy can assist with asthma, chronic bronchitis, and even pneumonia. The treatment increases the amount of oxygen the blood can carry, encouraging better immune response. When used as a preventive measure, oxygen therapy may soothe and alleviate respiratory tract infections by removing accumulated mucus, dust, bacteria, fungi, and pollen in the airways.

I AM OXYGEN created its defender spray as an effective supplement for your daily nasal hygiene routine. The product contains dissolved stabilized bioavailable oxygen, sodium chloride (Atlantic Sea salt), and distilled water. The Defender Nasal Hygiene spray delivers 100% naturally derived oxygen to the nose pathways and can support health and overall well-being.

For best results, the company recommends using the nasal spray at least twice per day. If you are chronic, you can the spray three to five times a day.

In addition to its nasal spray, I AM OXYGEN also offers a Rejuvenator skin cell therapy spray to aid in the repair and regeneration of skin and an Infusion cellular renewal therapy to restore and encourage optimal health.

All products from IamOxygen are made in the United States. As part of its commitment to a greener planet, the company uses 95% plastic-free bottling and 100% plastic free for all its shipping.

Add this spray to your health care regime to benefit from the natural power of oxygen!

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