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As Seen on Science of the World  Oct 9, 2022

Nasal Immune Support Oxygen Spray Is Ideal For Congestion & Allergies

The Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy spray brings the power of stabilized active oxygen, in an all-natural formula for nasal hygiene and protection.

I once asked my dad to stop using his Flonase as I heard it could be addictive – but he said that’s bull, he’s been using it for five years with no issues!

You don’t have to be like my dad, though – there are better all-natural options out there that can help you with nasal congestion and general nasal hygiene without any of the potential side effects.

IamOxygen, a company specializing in high-quality oxygen products, offers its popular Defender-Nasal Hygiene Therapy, a nose spray designed to hydrate, soothe, and reduce inflammation.

Coming amid growing awareness of the pathogen-breeding potential of the nasal cavities, the Defender spray promotes optimal nasal hygiene as an important first step in preventing respiratory infections in a natural, non-invasive way.

The new formula is based on the positive action of bio-available stabilized active oxygen infused with trace minerals in saline. A fully natural and pH-balanced product, the Defender spray can be an effective way to help facilitate tissue healing and contribute to healthy nasal flora.

The company explains that oxygen has a powerful antibacterial effect due to its ROS (reactive oxygen species). These compounds are powerful agents against pathogenic microorganisms and increase the purifying potential of stabilized oxygen.

The Defender nasal spray features bio-available oxygen in a formulation that is safe for users of all ages, non-addictive, and acts fast to soothe and reduce inflammation. You can use the spray twice a day, as part of your general morning and evening nasal hygiene routine.

Used regularly, the Defender is efficient in removing dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other potential pathogens, and in creating a clean nasal environment.

And they even have a 100% Happiness Guarantee! so it must be good.

The nasal spray is created under the company’s vision of a 100% cruelty-free, sustainable approach to hygiene and healthcare products. All IamOxygen formulas are natural and safe for humans and animals, are not part of lab tests on animals, and the Company donates a share of all profits to NGOs committed to bio-oxidative therapy development and ocean conservation.

The latest announcement is part of the company’s mission to offer high-quality oxygen-based products at affordable prices, making effective hygiene and healthcare available to everyone.

Improve your nasal hygiene and breathe better – the natural way!

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